Ultimate guide on how to
buy Bitcoin Cash on bitFlyer

Step by step overview on how to buy $Coin on bitFlyer

Here you will find a comprehensive step-by-step image guide on How to buy $Coin, on bitFlyer, an exchange that gives its customers an Application Programming Interface which allows the clients to access and control their accounts, using the custom-written software.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to understand how to create an account on this exchange.

  1. Sign-up for an account
  2. Activate your account via email
  3. Get verified
  4. Fund your account
  5. Start trading

1. Sign-up for an account on bitFlyer

Go to https://bitflyer.com/

Enter your email address and click on ‘Sign Up’. You can also use the social login buttons to log in.

You will be directed towards their agreement form.

Check the boxes, click “Start bitFlyer”.


2. Activate your Bitflyer account via email


You will need to verify your email if you signed up using your email ID. If you have signed up using the social platforms, then you directly log into the website.

Once you do this, Bitflyer has a 2-step verification process. The next step needs your mobile number.

You can select the type of authentication according to your preference. Apart from the mobile, you can send the code to your email as well. Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive the OTP (One Time Password) or use Google Authenticator.


Wondering what 2FA is?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a type (subset) of multi-factor authentication. It is a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different factors: 1) something they know, 2) something they have, or 3) something they are.

An excellent example of two-factor authentication is the withdrawing of money from an ATM; only the correct combination of a bank card (something that the user possesses) and a PIN (personal identification number, something that the user knows) allows the transaction to be carried out.

In the case of exchanges what the user knows are the login details username and password and what he possesses is the 2nd factor for the authentication which is a code.The code can be either received through SMS on users personal mobile phone or found in an application like Google Authenticator or Authy.   

Either manually enter the key in the Google Authenticator app or scan the QR code.Either way, please write down for Safekeeping the OTP ( one time password for Google Authenticator ) so that in the event you need to reset it you have this. Please consider this as a master key. Without it, you cannot reset in case something happens.

Once you do this scan or manual input a single time, a one time password will be generated, that you need to write/copy in the One-time password empty field.

More details on how to use Google Authenticator here.

You can use Google Authenticator or Authy to scan the code.

Once you check the boxes relating to your security preference please click ‘Enable’.

You have now been authenticated and the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) has been enabled.

3. Get verified on bitFlyer

Once the code is verified you will be logged into the dashboard of Bitflyer. You will need further verification in the form of document scans to begin trading on the exchange.

Before you proceed to connect the account to your bank account, you will need to verify your profile by entering your details.

You would need to fill details as per your official documents.

Once you enter your details, you will need to submit the scans of your official documents to further verify your account

Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.


4. Fund your bitFlyer account

Now that you are safe, the next step is to fund your bitFlyer account from your bank account.

You can find funding information in the “Account Funding” tab.

Using a credit/debit card on bitFlyer means higher fees but offers instant purchasing. Using a bank transfer is cheaper but slower (taking up to a week to get your coins).

If you are sending funds please make sure that you are sending funds to the correct account.

You may send the FIAT currency to your bank account registered with bitFlyer. To add a bank account, you must first make a wire deposit from your other account.  You may view your bitFlyer deposit account from the “Wire Deposit” tab on the “Account Funding” menu. bitFlyer charges 0.0008 BTC as a flat basic transaction fee.


Once your payment details are verified, click ‘buy/sell’ on the top menu.


5. Start trading $Coin on bitFlyer

Select ‘Buy/Sell’ for any coin that you wish to purchase, and at the bottom of the page choose how much to spend in your local currency / how many coins you want to buy.

  1. First, click on “Buy / Sell $Coin” from the list of menu items on the left-hand pane, and confirm your account balance on the top pane.
  2. Input the number of $Coin you wish to purchase in the “Amount (BTC)” box, either manually or by using the numbered buttons (+1, +0.1, +0.01) to increment your purchase size.
  3. The total value in JPY of the $Coin you wish to purchase will be displayed in the “Reference Total (JPY)” box.
  4. Once you are ready to purchase, click on the button labeled “BUY COINS”.
    bitFlyer bitcoin buy
  5. Next, click on either “Submit Order” or “Cancel”. Once you click “Submit Order”, you have successfully purchased $Coin!
    bitFlyer bitcoin buy
Congratulations! You have bought your first Bitcoin Cash crypto on bitFlyer.

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