Ultimate guide on how to
buy Ink (INK) on EXMO

Step by step overview on how to buy Ink (INK) on EXMO

EXMO is a mid-sized (volume) UK-based crypto exchange founded in 2013 which offers users the opportunity to buy crypto with Fiat using several methods such as Debit/Credit cards, Skrill, Perfect Money, Bank wire among others.

To buy Ink (INK) on EXMO exchange, these are the steps to follow.

1. Sign up on EXMO
2. Verify EXMO through email
3. Verify personal information (KYC) on EXMO
4. Deposit Fiat funds on your EXMO account
5.  Exchange Fiat to crypto on EXMO
6. Trade Fiat to crypto on EXMO

1. Sign up on EXMO

The first thing you need to do in order to buy Ink (INK) on EXMO is to create an account. To create an account on EXMO, click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Sign-up on EXMO

This is a fairly easy process. To initiate this process, you’ll need to click the “Sign up” button on the homepage.

sign up EXMO

After you click the button above, you’ll need to fill in the Signup form containing details such as a username (you’ll pick this yourself), your email and new password.

sign up EXMO

Good job! You have registered an account on EXMO.


2. Verify EXMO through email

Email verification is the next step. You’ll receive an email shortly after filling the signup form with a unique link you’ll be expected to click to verify your email.

verify email EXMO

Nice! Your EXMO account has been confirmed.


3. Verify personal information (KYC) on EXMO

Before you’re allowed to deposit funds (Fiat) on EXMO, you’ll need to submit your personal information including bio-data (such as full legal name, sex, nationality etc.) and address, as well as including proof of both bio-data and address.

To start this process, you’ll need to click the top right button where your username is. It’ll then bring a drop-down menu with the “Account verification” option.


FIll the form with accurate data and submit. Once the process of verification is completed, you’ll be contacted via email as well as on-site when you log in next.


Perfect! You have completed KYC on EXMO.


4. Deposit funds (Fiat) on EXMO

Depositing Fiat on an EXMO account is the next step to buying Ink (INK) on the exchange.

Simply select “switch to finances” on the drop-down menu that’ll appear when you hover around the right top side of your screen.

Please note that completing the verification is an important step as it’ll open up all deposit options.

deposit fiat into EXMO

Deposit methods include Debit/Credit card, Skrill, Wire transfer, Neteller and many others.

When you select a deposit method option, you’ll be given specific instructions on how to successfully deposit funds.

deposit methods EXMO

Way to go! You have deposited funds on your EXMO account.


5. Exchange Fiat to crypto on EXMO

The last step to buying Ink (INK) is to exchange the deposited (fiat) funds into crypto. Thankfully, EXMO has simplified this process so all you need to do is click the “Exchange” button and you’ll type in the exact amount you wish to exchange. It’ll display the equivalent crypto’s worth and you’ll swap  your fiat for crypto

Exchange EXMO

There you go! You have successfully exchanged Fiat money to $coin on your EXMO account. 


6. Trade Fiat to crypto on EXMO

An alternative to exchanging from fiat to crypto, as shown above, is to trade it. So one will either take the price set by orders (taker-trade) so set a lower price bid hoping for its execution should prices meet your bid.

trade on EXMO

When it comes to security, it is always important to secure your account with 2FA (two-factor authorization) using Google Authenticator application.

Once the above steps are ticked off your checklist, you’ll have your first Ink (INK) on EXMO!

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