Ultimate guide on how to
buy Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve

Step by step overview on how to buy Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve is an Australian-based exchange that supports Fiat-to-crypto trading with crypto-to-crypto support as well. While not all countries are currently supported, many are.

Independent Reserve has a mobile trading app available for both iOS and Android devices. Users can buy, sell & store cryptocurrencies as well as track portfolios and price movements on the user-friendly app. Made for beginners and pros alike, trades can be placed fast and securely. Simply create a free account, deposit funds and users can begin trading in minutes.

To buy Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve, please follow the listed steps below:

1. Create an account on Independent Reserve
2. Enter your identity details to Independent Reserve
3. Verify Independent Reserve through email
4. Secure Independent Reserve through 2FA
5. Verify identity your on Independent Reserve
6. Deposit funds on Independent Reserve
7. Trade Fiat funds for Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve

1. Create an account on Independent Reserve

The first thing you need to do in order to buy Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve exchange is to create an account. To create an account on Independent Reserve, click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Sign-up on Independent Reserve

That should prompt a popup where you’ll choose a username, a password as well as provide a referral code if you have one (optional).


Nice! You have created an account on Independent Reserve.


2. Enter your identity details on your newly registered Independent Reserve account

After choosing a username and a password, the next menu will be to input your personal details such as name, the source of funds, date of birth, country of residence etc.

sign up on Independent Reserve

Perfect! You have updated personal information on your Independent Reserve account.


3. Verify Independent Reserve through email

To verify your email, you’ll type in your email in the “email address” box as shown below. You’ll then receive a code in your email that you’ll have to put on the site to verify.

Please note that if you use Gmail, this email should be found under the “Updates” section of your inbox.

verify email Independent Reserve

Great! You have confirmed your Independent Reserve account.


4. Set up 2FA on Independent Reserve

This step isn’t necessarily compulsory, however, it is highly recommended to protect your account from hacks, phishing attempts etc. With Google Authenticator 2FA for example, you receive a unique on the application (in your mobile device) every 30 seconds so that only you in possession of the device at that point can log in to your account.

For this, you’ll have to download the Google Authenticator app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS users).

On the same page where you enter personal details and verify email, the Set 2FA option is at the bottom of the page. Select Google Authenticator, scan the QR code provided using the app and enter the code shown on your device unique to the Independent Reserve website.

2FA Independent Reserve 2FA Independent Reserve

Awesome! Independent Reserve is now secured. 


5. Verify your identity on Independent Reserve

Once done with email verification and setting up 2FA, you’ll need to verify personal information to be allowed to deposit, trade and withdraw on Independent Reserve. This typically involves filling in your address as well as providing proof of residence and submitting an identification document such as an international passport or driving license.

KYC Independent Reserve KYC Independent Reserve

Super! You have identified yourself on Independent Reserve.


6. Deposit funds on Independent Reserve

After verifying your account, you’ll then be able to deposit funds into Independent Reserve exchange. Deposit methods include Electronic Funds Transfer and SWIFT transfer.

Select “accounts” from the top menu and select your preferred currency. You’ll then receive deposit instructions that you’ll follow.

Deposit funds on Independent Reserve

You’re almost there! You have funded your Independent Reserve account.


7. Trade Fiat funds for Ripple (XRP)

After depositing funds, you can either buy at the set price available (market buy) or set a price point you want to buy (limit trade).

exchange on Independent Reserve

After you’ve traded your funds, you’d successfully purchase Ripple (XRP) on Independent Reserve.

Transferring Ripple (XRP) from Independent Reserve to other exchanges.

Transferring Ripple (XRP) from Independent Reserve to wallets.

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