Ultimate guide on how to transfer
Ethereum from Indacoin to Private: Simex
  • Step by step overview on how to withdraw Ethereum from Indacoin

    The withdrawal process for Indacoin is only possible for Ethereum transaction as Fiat money withdrawal via external wallet is not yet available.

    Here are the steps on how to withdraw Ethereum from Indacoin:

    To log in, open the Indacoin site and click on “Products” then “Trading Platform.”

    Type in your registered email address, password, and the captcha provided by the system. Click on “Sign in” to continue.

    After logging in, click on “Send/Request.” Please take note that Indacoin uses the term “Send” for withdrawal.

    Select your Ethereum from the drop-down menu and type in your desired amount. Next, enter the wallet address. It is very important to double check the address that you are pasting to avoid processing invalid withdrawal transaction or losing your funds. Click on “Send” to continue.

    Recent and previous transactions can be viewed under “Account History.”

    Perfect! You have successfully withdrawn Ethereum from your Indacoin account.

    Step by step guide on how to deposit Ethereum on your account on Simex

    Simex allows crypto-to-crypto and Fiat currency transactions.

    Below are the steps on how to deposit Ethereum to your account:

    1. Depositing Fiat money to your Simex account
    2. Depositing Ethereum to your Simex account

    Go to https://simex.global/en and log into your account.

    Once you’re in, select “Deposit” from the Finance tab.

    1. How to deposit Fiat money to your account on Simex

    In depositing RUB, you can do it through Visa and MasterCard debit cards issued by Russian banks, YandexMoney, Payment orders, Tinkoff, Sberbank-Online, Russian Standard, Alfa-Click, Unistream Global Money Transfers, Wallet One, Svyaznoy terminals, Euronet terminals, payment terminals.

    For USD, Wire Transfer and Epay are the options available.

    Next, choose the financial account you wish to deposit funds to and select the method of payment. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on the “Next” button. After this, you will be redirected to the payment service page where you need to complete the transaction.

    There you have it! You have just deposited Fiat money to your Simex account.


    2. How to deposit Ethereum to your account on Simex

    On the same “Deposit” page, choose the account you want to deposit funds to and select which cryptocurrency you prefer, like Ethereum.

    Next, copy the address and paste it into your third-party wallet. Make sure that you copy the correct address because once the transaction is done, it cannot be reversed.

    You can check the link making sure the first and last two digits are correct.

    If you want to check the transactions you made, go to the bottom of the same page.

    Awesome! You have just deposited Ethereum to your Simex account.
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