Ultimate guide on how to transfer
Ethereum from YoBit to ANXPRO

Step by step overview on how to withdraw Ethereum from YoBit

With YoBit, you can withdraw funds using a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat money.

Let’s follow these steps to help you withdraw funds on your registered and verified YoBit account:

  1. Withdraw Ethereum from YoBit
  2. Withdraw Fiat money from YoBit

Click here to open the exchange site.

Start by logging in using the email address and password you’ve registered for YoBit.

Click on “Wallets” to view your funds as well as the available Ethereums. To withdraw, select your currency from the list and click on the minus sign under “Withdraw.”

1. Withdraw Ethereum on your YoBit account

For Ethereum withdrawal, refer to the list under “Wallet.” In this example, we are using Bitcoin.

You can highlight it to make sure that you are working on your Ethereum and click on the minus sign.

Enter the withdrawal address. Make sure to enter the correct one as completed Ethereum withdrawal transactions can no longer be reversed, therefore, you could lose your money permanently if the wrong recipient is chosen. Click on “Withdrawal request” to continue.

To view your withdrawal transaction, click on “History”.

Good work! You have successfully processed Ethereum withdrawal from YoBit!


2. Withdraw Fiat money on your Gatecoin account

For Fiat money withdrawal, refer to the list under “Wallet.” In this example, we are using USD.

You can highlight it to make sure that you are working on your preferred currency and click on the minus sign.

The “Withdrawal” window pops up with the payment methods. Make your selection, and enter the withdrawal address. It is very important to paste the correct address as completed transactions can no longer be reverted, hence, you could lose your money if an incorrect recipient is added. Click on the “Withdrawal request” box to continue.

To view your withdrawal transaction, click on “History.”

Excellent! You have successfully processed Fiat money withdrawal from your YoBit account.

Step by step overview on how to deposit funds on ANXPRO

You can put funds into your ANXPRO account through Cash, Hong Kong Local Bank Cheques, or by transferring digital assets. For cash deposits, the platform currently supports HKD and USD only which you can do by visiting their office. Otherwise, if it’s a cheque or Ethereum deposit, you will need to do it on to their site or mobile app.

As such, we have prepared simple and easy steps that you can follow to help you in funding your ANXPRO account.

  1. Deposit Ethereum on ANXPRO
  2. Deposit Fiat money on ANXPRO

To start, open the exchange site by clicking this link.

Log-in using your registered account.

Go to the ‘Funds’ section by clicking the tab at the top of the page.

Select ‘Payment’ to start your deposit.

1. Deposit Ethereum on your ANXPRO account

Under ‘Digital Assets’ choose which Ethereum you want to deposit. For this example, let’s use BTC.

Scan the QR code for your wallet address, or you may also copy and paste the address that you see into the digital asset platform to which you will get the funds. Complete this step by following the instructions provided by the external wallet or other digital asset platforms. The transfer of funds is processed automatically and may take a few minutes to a few hours before reflecting in your account.

Perfect! You have successfully deposited Ethereum on your ANXPRO account.


2. Deposit Fiat money on your ANXPRO account

For Fiat deposits, Cash and Hong Kong Local Bank Cheques are available. As mentioned, cash deposits can be made directly at the ANXPRO office with HKD and USD as the available options.  If the cash amount is more than HKD$100,000, a ‘Source of funds’ document will be required. Processing time for cash deposit usually takes 3-5 hours or funds might show at the end of the current business day if there is a large volume of requests on that day.

Aside from cash deposits, you may also opt to fund your account using Hong Kong Local Bank Cheques. From the ‘Payment’ section, click on ‘HKD’ or the Fiat currency you intend to make a deposit. On the next page choose ‘Hong Kong Bank Cheque’ then write your email address, phone number and the Reference code at the back of your cheque. You may send it via mail or drop it off at the ANXPRO office during business hours. It takes 3-5 banking days before the money reflects in your ANXPRO account.

Note: As of this writing, ANXPRO doesn’t support bank transfers, e-cheques and credit cards for deposits.

Access your ‘Portfolio’ page if you want to check your balance or funds.

You did it! You now have Fiat money in your ANXPRO account.

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